Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Topics You Voted For

A few weeks ago, I conducted a poll on my blog about the topics you most want me to write about during the time period up until I start training and fund raising for my next event. I didn't get a lot of people voting, but here is a summary of what visitors to this blog voted for:

Humorous reflections on things - 75%

A survivor’s mind – what are we thinking and how is it different than before cancer - 62%

Inspirational stories about people I meet along the way or have heard about - 37%

Tales from past TNT events - 12%

Tales from my cancer experience - 12%

Ways to cope for people with cancer, their family, and friends - 12%

Training updates (I am not training for a specific event right now) - 12%

Reflections on TNT and the war on cancer - 0%

I appreciate everyone's feedback, and I will try to use these as guidelines for upcoming blog posts. For example, I'll try to write something funny (humor is in the mind of the beholder) at least every week or so. I like writing funny stuff, for this blog and in general (like the story of how I bought my first car, which is not on this blog - too long and doesn't really fit "racing for a cure.")

I know that I have not posted a lot about the second most popular topic (a survivors mind) and so I will try to pay more attention to that in upcoming months.

And while the three most popular topics need to get more attention, I will certainly write about the other topics at times as well - depending on what comes to mind at the time.

And of course, if there is something specific you want me to write about, send me an email or post a comment and I will try to accomodate you.

Thanks again to all of you who voted.

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Elayne said...

Looking forward to your blog posts!