Saturday, September 19, 2009

Recent Cancer Deaths

Thousands of people die each week from cancer, and their passing is only noted by their loved ones. But this week, there are a number of well-known people who died of various cancers. They represent all of the lesser known folks that also passed away from these terrible diseases. May they all rest in peace.
Patrick Swayze – Perhaps the most well known of recent cancer deaths, this great actor died after a two year battle with pancreatic cancer. His quick feet couldn’t dance away from a deadly foe that fights dirty.

Mary Travers – Of Peter, Paul, and Mary fame, she died of leukemia this week, just a few years after a bone marrow transplant seemed to turn things around for her. If I had a hammer, I’d smash cancer to bits.

Monte Clark – The former coach of the Detroit Lions died from bone marrow cancer.

Myles Brand – This president of the NCAA died from pancreatic cancer. He was tough enough to fire Bobby Knight in a prior job, but couldn’t out-tough cancer.

Keith Floyd – Dead from colon cancer, this chef was popular in Britain with TV viewers.

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Elayne said...

All Sad~ I was especially saddened by Patrick Swayze loosing his fight with pancreatic cancer. He was one of my favorites :(