Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Flashes!

I thought I’d spend my lunch time writing a quick Friday post. By the way, this makes 30 posts in the 30 day period that began August 15 and ends this coming Sunday!

I was up in Washington last weekend, and couldn’t help but think of the Nation’s Tri event that will happen this Sunday. That will so exciting for the people doing this Olympic distance triathlon! Many of them will be doing their first tri, and any of them for Team in Training are helping to defeat blood cancers. GO TEAM!

This being September 11, I have to pause for a second to reflect on the horrific events on this date eight years ago. I think for the first time in my life, I understood how my parents must have felt on December 7, 1941 when Pearl Harbor was attacked. To all those who lost their lives that day, to those who tried to save the trapped and recover the victims and now are often ill and dying from lung diseases as a result, to those in the military engaged in two large wars as a result of this day, and to all of their family members – this is a day to reflect on their loss and sacrifice. And especially to the members of the military fighting and dying so far from home, it is a day to offer special prayers and thanks.

I feel good about doing Light the Night this year. I did it once before and it was a great way to show support for the cause of fighting blood cancers, and to show support for all suffering from these diseases. It is also a beautiful event to be a part of, with all of the lighted red balloons with a few white ones interspersed. I will blog more about that in the days ahead as the event gets nearer, and as I come up with at least a minimal fundraising strategy. I am going to set my goal at $200 – to a least raise something without people feeling that all I do is badger them for money (for a great cause, I might add).

I met a young woman yesterday at a business meeting who lost her fiancé a few months ago to tongue cancer. He was only 35, and suffered horribly during his illness and eventual demise. It is a reminder to me about how awful these diseases are, how many people suffer from them 24/7, and how much more there is left to do.

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