Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Little Girl Named Madelyne

Yesterday, as I prepared early in the morning to go out for the Silent Mile, I saw an article in the paper about a local seven year old girl named Madelyne Blanton. Just days over a month ago, she was diagnosed with leukemia, and started her second round of chemotherapy yesterday.
A week ago, she and her dad released some balloons with a note telling about her and asking people finding the note to write. By an amazing coincidence, one of the balloons landed in the back yard of a building where people work to help out those with chronic illnesses. As a result, Madelyne’s family got some badly needed financial help.

Now I didn’t find the balloons, but I thought, what if people doing Team in Training from around the country and elsewhere wrote Madelyne to wish her well and to tell her what you are doing to help find a cure? If you would like to do this, here is her address:

1512 Wilson Wood Road
Midlothian, Virginia 23114

And here is a link to read the story about her. She sounds like a brave and gutsy kid.

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