Friday, August 21, 2009

Be Inspired by Lindsay!

I blogged last weekend about the inspiration I received from being part of the Cure by Design fashion show for the American Cancer Society. I was part of a group of 45 people who met cancer head-on and were lucky enough to still be standing at the end of that ordeal. I heard a lot of inspirational stories, and I am sure there were many, many more that I did not hear. Yet of everyone there, I am willing to bet that the most inspirational story belongs to someone who was not even in the show and is not a cancer survivor, a beautiful young woman named Lindsay. This amazing lady is a quadruple amputee, and undoubtedly faces more hardships in any given hour than most of us need to get through in a week or a month. Yet she clearly has an indomitable, incredible, and beautiful spirit.

Lindsay was one of the key people in helping to select outfits and put on the fashion show. You cannot spend 1 minute with her and not be amazed and inspired.

Every day, nearly every one of we humans complain and feel stressed about many little things, and some fairly big ones. “Oh, if only I could win the lottery.” “If only my (husband / wife / boyfriend / girlfriend / teenager / parent / friend) were more (understanding / considerate / loving / neat / responsible / patient).” “If only I could get a better job / better paying job / any job.” “I wish I could get a bigger house / beach house / less expensive house / fancy car.” “If only my IT band / sore knee / sore hamstring / plantar fasciatis / sore back would heal.” “If only I could run at a 7 minute mile pace.” “If only I could take a Hawaiian / European / African safari vacation.”

I urge you to take 15 minutes and read this article about Lindsay. It is a testament to the human spirit and also to the power of a mother’s love for her daughter. I guarantee that you will be humbled and amazed, and that it will – at least for now – put a lot of things in your life in perspective. Plus you will learn something about an incredible human being, and also be reminded to seize the day. Because just as Lindsay’s life changed forever on that day, so can yours and mine. We are guaranteed nothing beyond the next second.

Thank you for all that you did, Lindsay, leading up to and during the show. My life is richer for having met you and learned something about your story. I hope that your hopes and dreams will come to pass.

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