Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Flashes

I thought I’d end the work week with some quick random musings.

TGIF! Let me repeat that: TEE-GEE-EYE-EFF!!!!

I’m not training for an event right now, but I have been trying to work out more consistently in the past few weeks. For example, this week I have done weights twice, water aerobics twice, elliptical twice, and fast walking three times in the relative coolness of the early morning darkness. I need to make keeping in shape a high priority. On the other hand, I am starting some feel renewed pain in my left forefoot, and am guessing that the neuroma is going to be a big issue for a while.

It is amazing that two weeks have gone by since the Cure by Design Fashion Show for the American Cancer Society, my brief foray into the glamorous world of fashion models. And nearly a week has gone by since the TNT Silent Mile event.

We all have lottery fever at work. Very few of us are happy there, other than happy to have a job and a paycheck. So we have banded together to buy lottery tickets as a group. I have a lot of chances to strike it rich tonight in the Mega Millions Game, although the odds are still very long. But if I do get so lucky, I have no excuse for not keeping in tip-top shape. And also if I hit the big one, a bunch of TNT people in Virginia and other places will be getting some very nice surprise donations.

So far, I am doing well on my goal to post thirty times in thirty days, starting August 16. Stay tuned tomorrow, and visit again, to vote on the new poll I will be setting up.

Planning on a day at the beach tomorrow if Tropical Storm Danny cooperates. It will be my first time at the beach since the end of May. And Sunday, my goal is to go for a tough hike in the mountains, my 2009 August celebration of continued good health.

Did I say TGIF?

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