Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Thank You Letter I Hope to Write

A co-worker and I have been talking about her philosophy on giving thanks, in writing, for things she hopes to have as if she already has them. She said that it has worked for her with many things in her life. So I thought, why not give this a try for the greater good? Therefore, here is a letter that I hope to write someday soon for real, thanking a generous donor to Team in Training. I am assuming that this person is a wealthy and grateful cancer survivor who stumbled on to my Racing for a Cure blog and said “If this person can sacrifice to do a marathon, I can write a check to this cause.” I am making up their name, but note that I assume that they are a Knight of the British Realm. Here goes – I’m expecting great results from this.

Dear Sir Vivor deGenerous:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much for your incredibly generous $25,000 donation to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in support of my next Team in Training event.

Team in Training is now in its 21st year, and during that time, its dedicated athletes are approaching the one billion dollar mark in revenues raised. Your bighearted donation gets us even closer to that mark! This money helps LLS to fund research to find new treatments and cures for leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma, and provide critical education and support to patients and families battling these cancers. With one person in the United States developing a blood cancer every five minutes, and one person dying every ten minutes, there is still plenty to do.

I'll never personally discover a cure, develop a new anti-cancer drug, or do ground breaking research on the mechanism of leukemia or lymphoma at a cellular level. But I am hopeful that by competing in this event, and by the generosity of your donation, someone else will.

Thanks again for your generosity. I, LLS, and cancer survivors everywhere appreciate it.

Best wishes,

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