Tuesday, June 9, 2009

To Susan, My Triple Crown Friend

I blogged a couple of days ago about going to the Fletcher Flyer race to cheer for TNT Virginia, and the other Purple People. I mentioned my amazing friend, Susan, and how she earned her TNT Triple Crown that day. This means that she has run at least one marathon or half marathon, raced in at least one triathlon, and participated in at least one century bike race. In Susan's case, I don't know how many marathons, half-marathons, and triathlons she has done, but Sunday was her first 100 mile bike race, sealing the deal on the Triple Crown.

She is now done with that race, and is already fund-raising and training for her next event, the Half Ironman Triathlon in Augusta, Georgia this fall! This blows my mind, because I don't dare fundraise more than once a year but Susan seems to do it almost year round. It will be her first half Ironman, and she is fund raising for it. Here is her Team in Training webpage for this event:

A few days before her race, I gave Susan a card with this message in it, my tribute to her as my friend and in recognition of her new milestone, the TNT Triple Crown:

She’s run tons of marathons, each twenty-six two
She’s raced in triathlons, seeing every one through
Now with a smile on her face and seldom a frown
She’s one hundred miles from a TNT Triple Crown

She endures rides in the cold when her hands and feet freeze
Tough, long climbs up steep hills, plus some down hills with ease
She took a bad spill but you can’t keep her down
Nor delay her long quest for the TNT Triple Crown

Yet there’s a loftier cause for the things she endures
The money she’s raised will help fund cancers’ cures
For the mission she races, and not for renown
To Matt, Rich, and her Dad she’s dedicating her crown

She is not a grand duchess all decked out in jewels
Or a powerful empress with a retinue of fools
Or a pompous queen wearing an ermine-trimmed gown
But she soon will be sporting a TNT Triple Crown

As she zips by on her bike, hear the cheers from the crowd
She’s relentless and tough, and of her I’m quite proud
At the end of the race, she’ll be the talk of the town
For she’ll own the claim to a TNT triple crown!

Go Susan Go! You rock! Here she is after her race holding her Fletcher Flyer Century medal:

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