Friday, June 12, 2009

My Guardian Angel Goes for a Ride

Before I leave the topic of the Fletcher Flyer Century, I need to post a very important fact.

I have blogged before about the two "guardian angel" medalions and the kind and generous friends that gave them to me. It was my Triple Crown friend Susan who gave me the replacement angel. So when I met her last week to give her the card and poem I had written for her, I also asked her if my angel medalian could accompany her on her momentous 100 mile ride through the North Carolina countryside. Of course, she was open to this. Now, the little angel means even more to me. Not only did Susan give it to me as an act of kindness to replace the original one, but it was with her during her adventure and ride that made her a TNT Triple Crown recipient. Thanks, Susan!

I hope whoever lifted the original angel in the Richmond airport in 2005 had good luck with her. I guess they needed a guardian angel more than I did at that time. But whoever has it, I bet it didn't have a greater adventure than my current one did (although it did climb Mt. Tumbledown with me and it was in the Anchorage Marathon with me).

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