Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thanking Jen and Amber

Jen and Amber were the staff at LLS assigned to our team. Amber is the leader of Team in Training for all Virginia, and Jen is in charge of Richmond TNT operations. They are both terrific. Here is Jen (left) and Amber after our Jingle Bell run late last year.Amber is a seasoned veteran, having been an LLS employee for nearly four years now. I blogged about her last winter when she ran the Winter Team that included my Arizona Marathon in January, 2008. Everything I wrote last year is still true about Amber – she works so hard in everything she does.

The Spring Team was Jen’s first team. She joined LLS after doing the Nations Triathlon for TNT. She worked so hard all year to recruit the team and keep it going. She was willing to meet one on one with every participant to go over fund raising if they wanted to. She ran fund raising clinics, and often was out early on Saturdays to run with us. Amber also was a frequent visitor to our training sessions.

I was saddened to learn that Jen accepted another job a month ago as the Fall Team was forming up. I know she will do well and excel at it. I am really glad that I was part of her very first team that she was responsible for. No one working for the Team in Training program is going to get rich. They work their butts off and I would guess it is not for a ton of money, but believe in the mission and work very hard to attain it.

Amber was our LLS staff for the Nashville trip and took care of so many details. She was also out there on the race course all day cheering for participants. There is no way we could be successful at what we do without people like Amber and Jen. No way! Of course, they are doing their jobs but go above and beyond every week. They give so much of themselves to our teams and I think that every participant appreciate this. I know that I do, big time!

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