Saturday, May 2, 2009


Finally! Finally I have done a long race and not finished in the bottom 10-15% for my age and sex. That is what being a runalker will do as opposed to just a walker. For my division, males 55-59, I finished 221 out of 399, meaning that 55% finished ahead of me and 45% after I did.

I still need to do a bunch of trip reports, and I will, but here are my official race results. I had hoped to hit 2:35 or even 2:30 but I am not a good enough runner to do so on such a hot day. I had been averaging 11 to 12 minute miles doing my run walk mix so I definitely dropped my pace that day, especially for the second half. But since it was my first half-marathon after 3 full marathons, I am happy with the results. Even so, it is amazing that the winner of the marathon would have done his race in about 35 minutes less than it took me to go half as far!

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Sandi said...

you did great and should be very proud! :) I bet I couldn't. LOL