Sunday, May 17, 2009

What Should I do Next?

My fourth Team in Training event is in the bag. My brand spanking new 13.1 pin rests comfortably on my hat along with the previous three pins:
Now I need to take a break from fundraising so that people don’t start shooting me. The trick will be to stay in shape and get in even better shape while not doing TNT. I’ve neglected upper body workouts in preference to legs. I’ve knocked off about 10 pounds since the first of the year and am within about 5 pounds of my ideal weight according to the body mass index charts. I want to hike a lot more now that this season is over.

But eventually, I will get up the courage to try fundraising again. Here are some things I am pondering for my next event in 2010. I will leave a poll open for a about a month to see what readers think. I seem to get anywhere from 1 reader to 25 or so a day, averaging about 10 or 12 a day lately.

Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco – 800 men running with 20,000 women? If I were single that would be a no-brainer! But in any event, I love San Francisco and I have a sister, two nieces, and a nephew living in the Bay Area

Mayor’s Marathon in Anchorage – I’d love to do this marathon again, this time maybe not in driving rain. And I’d also like to see more than one day of Alaska.

Skip this running stuff, do a triathlon – I would like to attempt a triathlon at some point with the Purple People. The Olympic distance tri’s in Philly and Washington DC come to mind. I would need to learn to swim much better and buy a bike, but it would be a cool experience.

How about a 100 miles on a bike – TNT does century rides. I’ve never been more than about a dozen miles on a bike, and that was one of the old one speed coaster brake bikes at the beach. So a century would be a great accomplishment for me. As with the tri, it means plunking down $1,000 for a bike and gear, and learning a lot.

What about the Komen Three-Day – I could skip TNT for a year and do something for the breast cancer cause, walking 60 miles in three days. I am tempted by this because the cause is good and the challenge is good, but I hate to skip TNT.


Elsbeth said...

Ok, so I (selfishly) voted century ride so you could do the El Tour de Tucson!! That is, if your chapter offers it.

Whatever you choose, though, know you'll excel. I've been toying with the idea of a triathlon myself but face the same challenges you do: swimming and lack of a bike!

I can't wait to see the results!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Ha, I voted for the tri, I'm sure you can give us some funny swimming stories.....

Elayne said...

Hey Art~I'm voting for one that you don't have posted~ the Dallas White Rock Marathon in December!
I will be "running the rock" and would love to see you there.

Racn4acure said...

Good choices guys! Elsbeth, yes Team VA has done the Tour de Tucson in the past, so maybe that would be a strong contender for 2010. Coach Ken - right now I am leaning towards a tri, but am trying to be open minded. I am sure that my swimming technique could lead to some good stories. Elayne - I think I would have to do that one on my own, cause TNT VA doesn't run that one. That would be cool to be there and run it / cheer you on.

Right now the Nike has the slight lead, but I will leave the poll open for 30 more days.

Anonymous said...

I know you don't know me, I happened upon your blog through other blogs from trigirls...but I did the breast cancer walk back when it was Avon's before the big sponser blowup. It was fun, but I did it alone. Since it isn't a race and there were so many walkers it took us 8-9 hours to walk the 26 on the 1st day. It wasn't an even 20-20-20. We weren't allowed to run or listen to music. So at times it was monotonous. I met people along the way and many of the stories were very inspiring. I'll never regret doing it, I enjoyed raising the money for breast cancer. My Aunt ended up getting diagnosed while I was training and she was there for me at the finish line. It is more of a reflective type of event versus a "race".

Sandi said...

oh I have no idea. The bike ride sounds hard. The Komen Three-Day seems like it could be fun to do. I think it would quite an accomplishment. I couldn't do a triathlon. That sounds so hard just saying the word. lol

Racn4acure said...

Hi Sandi - yep, they are all hard. No easy way to do any of them

Hi Frances - thanks for the comment, most of the people who drop by I don't know first hand so it is good to have you as a blog visitor. I would agree that the 3Day would be more of a happening or relective type of thing with the social aspects of camping out two nights along the way. I think if one did it with a few friends it could be an especially good experience. My sister and sister in law and step mother are all BC survivors, as are a number of friends, so I would like to do this at some point while I still can. But I hate missing a year of TNT at the same time. Whatever I end up doing it will be a tough decision. I would drive me a little crazy to take 8-9 hours to walk that distance! :)

Elsbeth said...

Oh, oh, oh!!!
Would you do Nike 2009 or 2010?

I'm willing to change my vote for Nike if it's 2009!

:) :) Thanks for your kind words about me mentoring. I hope to inspire them as much as you inspire me. Seriously.

Racn4acure said...

Hi Elsbeth - nope, 2010. I think I would be shot if I tried anymore fund raising this year. I started fund-raising for my race last September and I would guess my donors and potential donors are eager to see some time pass before I start sending them my goofy email updates again. :)

thanks for the kind comment. You will be an awesome mentor. Enjoy the experience of it.

Elayne said...

Ok Art~ I voted for Komen 3 day for the obvious reason :) I hear it is an incredible experience and once I get a marathon under my belt I will be deciding between Komen and a tri.
Best to you no matter what you choose.