Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Miles and Sore Quads

We don't usually do training as a team on Sunday, but today was an exception.  I had 12 miles to do, and it seemed like plenty.  I walked 95% of it, trying to stick with my walking teammates, especially Nancy, who had the same distance as me.  Our route went east through the Fan, the downtown (right past my office, and no, I was not tempted to go in there), past Shockoe Bottom, and then up to the top of Libby Hill, with its great view of downtown.  Then we returned to the park where we started, and that was good for nine mile.  So then, we repeated the first three mile portion of the route.  Along the way, we passed portions of a number of walks that I have documented:  the Richmond Liberty Trail, the Richmond Slave Trail, and the walk up Libby Hill from the downtown.

In the Fan District, I always enjoy seeing the flags and decorations.  Clearly, people who like the Great State of Maryland live here.
Next to the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart,
is a statue that never fails to move me, "Rachel Weeping for Her Children."  It is dedicated to the victims of the Nazis in the Holocaust.  On the base of the statue is the word "Remember" in Hebrew and English.
From the top of Libby Hill, there is a great view of the downtown.  Also, a kind soul put a check for $100 payable to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in our water basket with a nice note thanking us for what we are doing.  It asked that if the person who found it is doing well with their fundraising, then they should pass it on to someone who was not doing as well.  As fate would have it, the lady who found it is struggling with her fundraising, so it was perfect!  I was really touched that someone would do that.
On the way back, we could see "Connecticut" looking out over the river.  He used to grace the Diamond when the Richmond Braves played there.  Now that it is the Flying Squirrels, I guess he needed to find a new home.
Back in the Fan, you can see that people are already getting ready for Halloween.
We all really liked this huge painting on a building, whatever it is supposed to represent.
I'll tell you, I was tired after the 12 miles.  I went home and added 50 pounds of ice to a tub of water, and climbed in.  It was too much ice, though.  I only lasted 13 minutes before I couldn't stand it anymore and got out.  It helped with the soreness but my quads are still a little sore.  Tomorrow will definitely be a "take it easy day."

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Happyone said...

Wow that was quite a walk. Lots to see walking though. : )