Friday, September 13, 2013

Keeping Up With Training

For the first time since training began in, what, May, I've been keeping right up with it for the past two weeks, and it feels good.  At the time, the race was only five weeks away, and I really wanted to nail the last full four weeks of training (the week before the race, we really take it easy, just doing a few miles here and there to rest up).  So my goal was to do 90% of the scheduled trainings for the last full four weeks.  And two weeks in, I'm at 100%.

Because of Labor Day last week, I've been on eight hour days for last week and this one, and the extra hour has really helped.  I've hit everyone of the eight training workouts needed, walking something like 47 miles in the process during the training walks.  Typically, I've missed one or two of the three mid-week trainings, so it was a good time to get fully on track.  I'm still not running, although I hope to do some of the race running.

Last night, two of my coaches and my mentor organized a training run / walk at the University of Richmond, and I went.  It was another hot and humid night, and we did laps around the track at the football stadium, which is a really nice facility on their beautiful campus.  It is home of the Richmond Spiders. After eight laps we could see dark clouds moving in.  After 10, there were huge thunderstorms building.  At that point, half the group left, and the other four of us decided to do one more lap, then one more.  Near the end of that lap, having gone around the track almost 12 times, it was clear we all needed to clear out.  All the students were gone, including the women's lacrosse team, which had been doing some drills.  The wind had picked up and was blowing.  As I reached my car, the first drops fell.  Within minutes, it was pouring, and the lightening was nearly continuous and blinding.  I was glad to arrive home 25 minutes later.  But I had enjoyed getting together with some of the team during the week to get in my workout.  I'll do it again next week.

Next week, back on nine hour days, it will be a challenge to do all the miles, but that will be my goal once again.


Happyone said...

Wow perfect timing. You made it back just in time!!!

Racn4acure said...

Yeah, I sure did! A few more moments and I would have been soaked to the skin. A few of us were talking about that yesterday when we met up for training.