Saturday, September 7, 2013

Gorgeous Day for a 12 Mile Workout

Today dawned as a gorgeous day for this time of year in Eastern Virginia.  The temperature was about 58 at the start of training at 6:30.  Starting a half hour later was really nice, too.  We still got there early enough to see a nice sunrise over Boat Lake in Byrd Park.

After today, I only have one more long mileage training day before the Crawlin' Crab Half Marathon.  This is hard to believe.  But anyhow, I wanted to get in a good workout today, going 12 miles.  My friend Lelia came out and walked with me.  She is also going to the race, just not with Team in Training.  Our route was two file mile loops through Windsor Farms, with its beautiful homes, like this pink house:
the up to Monument Avenue and east to Boulevard, and down to the park.  I couldn't resist another photo, just like last week, of some of the detail around the Maury statue.
At the end of our second five mile loop, Lelia snapped this photo of me with the Christopher Columbus statue.  Do I look like I just fast-walked 10 miles?
At this point, Lelia left and I did two more miles, walking around the one mile VITA course twice.  There are still the flowers of late summer,
and the VITA course trail is level and nicely graveled.
After 12 miles, I found I had averaged a shade over a 14 minute per mile walking pace, which is not too shabby.  I stretched a bit, went home, stretched some more, drank a bottle of coconut water, brewed a mug of tea, and climbed into a refreshing ice water bath.  It is not fun but takes out some of the leg soreness.  Next Saturday, just six miles are called for!  Yay!


Happyone said...

What a beautiful sunrise.
That is a good walking pace. especially after a few miles.
I walk a mile in 15 minutes.

Racn4acure said...

It was a beautiful sunrise, a nice reward for being up early.

I think anything 16 minutes per mile and below is a pretty good pace. My legs were tired at the end, that is for sure. At least during the race, I won't have to stop for traffic, which adds time and slows down the overall pace.