Sunday, May 12, 2013

Why I Picked the Crawlin' Crab for my TNT Event

If you know me, you know I tend to have adventures when I do Team in Training events - Alaska and Seattle among others.  In my five events to date, four of them have been in places where I have never been before.  So, why pick what is essentially a local event - an 85 mile drive - for my sixth event?

There were a few factors.  For one, it would be nice to do an event with less travel expense, and not needing to take time off.  But even so, I was considering doing the Nike in San Francisco, where I have family.  And I was considering a century bike ride or even a triathlon, to break out of my mold a bit.  But I was thinking about cycling a long distance, and am not thrilled with the idea.  It just wasn't clicking with me.

I knew the "Fall Team" would be doing the Crawlin' Crab, and it sounded like a fun race.  A half marathon and not the full 26.2 miles is very attractive with my sore knee. Minimal travel expenses and vacation time usage.  Quick and easy to get to.  Scenic race course along the Hampton waterfront.  Plus at the end, they have beer!  As I learned after running the Shamrock Half Marathon in 2012, having a beer after a long race is pretty darned nice!  But I was still wavering this past February.  Nike?  Triathlon?  Century? Crawlin' Crab Half?  I knew I wanted to do Team in Training this year, after taking the last two years off from it.  But which event?

The deciding factor turned out to be very easy.  In February, I was at the LLS Light the Night Awards Ceremony and chatting with my friend Susan before the ceremony.  She was trying to talk me into the Tour de Chocolate Century Ride.  Then she said, "Do you realize that the Crawlin' Crab Half Marathon is on Ed Stone's birthday?  LLS plans on having some special things for the race in memory of Ed."

That was the clincher!  Our friend and teammate, Ed Stone, had died in January at 43 after a 24 year battle with different cancers.  I still see him as a determined and strong young man, riding his bike, when I think of him.  If LLS is dedicating this race to Ed, on his birthday, sign me up!  So that - the Crawlin' Crab Half Marathon on October 6 in Hampton, Virginia - is the race I am doing, and that is why I am doing this particular race!


Happyone said...

That beer sounds good at the end. I'm thinking they'll have Guinness! That's my favorite!! : )

Racn4acure said...

I'm not sure, but we shall see. I'll be happy to have a cold beer of any kind after walking or running 13.1 miles. Did you enjoy a Guinness when you went to Ireland?