Sunday, May 5, 2013

Three, To Get Ready ....

One, for the money;
Two, for the show;
Three, to get ready ...

It's a lot of work for me to get ready for Team in Training fundraising, and I spent part of this weekend getting this process started.  I woke up Friday morning with a cold that has gotten worse and worse, and really don't feel like doing anything, but I did get some things done.  For example:
  • I went through my contacts that do Team in Training, and sent them a note asking if they want to get my updates or not.  This actually took several hours, believe it or not.  I probably had to locate and save email addresses for about 40 - 50 TNTers and get them from my old computer to the newer one.
  • I started the process of going through my email addresses and correcting those that were out of date and deleting a few contacts.  I still have much to do in this area, and given a really busy week at work and personally ahead, I doubt I will finish in the next few days.  Different people fundraise in different ways, and for me, it is 90% done by email and my web page.  The last thing I have to do is go through emails from work and see what new addresses I can add to my database.
  • I got my TNT fundraising page built - well, almost all of it.  I still need to put a photo out there that an artistic friend is doing for me that should be kind of cool.  Once she finishes that, I'll complete my page and publish the link here.
  • I began thinking if my fundraising campaign has a natural theme, and it really does not.  The one time I used that kind of approach, it was late in 2008 and the election was going on, so I ran things as if I were running for office.  I had an initial announcement, press conference transcripts, an attack ad, and so forth.  This time around, other than picking a slogan - Feeling Crabby About Cancer - I will just plan updates that seem to make sense at the time.
  • I scoped out ideas for my first email.  Given that I like to send them Monday nights, and as I will not be ready by tomorrow, it will probably be another week before I "pull the trigger" and start fundraising.
So, a lot done, and a lot left to do.  But I feel as if I made a good start this weekend, cold and all.  Lord knows I didn't really feel up to doing much of anything.  I didn't even take a walk, and I skipped stretching (so far).

Three, to get ready? I am not quite ready but will be soon - then, it will be "and four to go!" and my fundraising will start.  I am eager to see how that goes.

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Happyone said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!!