Saturday, May 25, 2013

Great Training Weather!

Today's weather was about perfect for a walk or run.  Or a hike, for that matter.  One of the things that is tough about doing Team in Training is that it takes away time for things like hiking.  By the time I get home, get stretched out, and get a shower, it is past 11:00 and there is no time to head for the mountains.

But, I digress.  We had a small group turn out today but we were spirited.  Four miles was on my schedule but we ended up doing five because it was so nice and we were all feeling good.

I'll put a couple of photos out.  Our route went along Monument Avenue, and this is my favorite monument.  It is of Matthew Fontaine Maury, "The Pathfinder of the Seas."

I love the artwork at the top around the globe.  It is of shipwrecked people and animals, which Maury's navigational charts helped to reduce.  The sculptor caused quite a stir in the 1930's when it got out that he was soaking models to get a feel for how the human form looked under wet clothing.  You can see this in the depictions.
I felt good after walking five miles, and as I write this a couple of hours later, I am noticing less knee pain than before.  I still have it but I am making progress.  I wonder if I can start running in a month or so?

It always feels good to be alive, but on days like this - great weather, able to move for five miles with no real stress - I feel doubly grateful.


Happyone said...

The monument is really cool.
A beautiful day here too for walking and I had a nice 6 mile walk. : )

Racn4acure said...

It is so impressive, from all sides.

Isn't it a gift to get this kind of weather?