Saturday, October 5, 2013

More Cowbell!

At send-off Monday, we were given our race shirts.  They are always purple, and there is always a symbol on the front that identifies the team.  For example, Philadelphia would have a Liberty Bell, New York City would have an apple, the Bay Area would have the Golden Gate Bridge, and so forth.  Virginia always has a heart ("Virginia is for lovers!")

But this year, ours are different.  Instead of a heart, we have a cowbell, and it says "Go Team" on it.
And on the back of the shirt, near the bottom,  it says "MORE COWBELL," and "In Memory of Ed Stone."  Ed was one of our most beloved teammates, and such an inspirational guy.  He was the guest speaker a few years back at the large team dinner at the Rock 'N Roll Half Marathon, and I guess during his speech, he said "We need more cowbell!"
It is really good to be wearing this shirt on the race, held on Ed's birthday.  It is hard to believe that he has been gone nine months now.  He tried so hard, fought so strongly to beat his final bout with cancer.  It will be fun to do this race tomorrow - it always is - but it will be emotional, too.

On the top photo of my shirt, I've arranged the photos I'll be wearing tomorrow during the race: my sister Ann, and my friends Ed, Judy, and Faith.  How I miss them all!  But they are at peace, and their suffering is long over, and always will be.


Happyone said...

Great looking shirt and what a wonderful thing you all are doing.
I pray all goes well, you have great weather have fun as well.
Make some happy memories.
I'll be there with you in spirit. : )

Racn4acure said...

Thanks, I appreciate all that, especially being there in spirit. It was a lot of fun, but poignant to do the race on my friend's birthday. The weather was way too hot, but we have no control over that.