Saturday, July 13, 2013

Training Around North Richmond

On Saturday, my training consisted of eight miles, the longest distance to date in our season. It was a pretty nice day for training, with cloud cover and reasonable morning temperatures. Starting at 6:30 helped a good bit. Our route was a circuit hike through North Richmond. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I will put a few out there to give you a flavor of where I walked today. With the race less than three months away, I still have much to do, especially if my knee can feel better enough to run part of it.

This is our famous war horse, a statue of an exhausted and starving horse at the Virginia Historical Society, that commemorates the 1.5 million horses and mules that perished during the Civil War.
Confederate General Ambrose Powell Hill looks out over Hermitage Avenue.
 I thought that this crepe myrtle bush was lovely.
 Union Presbyterian Seminary is prominent along Brook Road.
 We, the "Purple People" of Team in Training, are always looking for purple objects along our routes.
 Emily and Terri give a spirited "Go Team" about a mile from our finish.
 I liked this little lion on the front stoop.

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