Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Plenty has been said, tweeted, and written about Monday's horrific events in Boston, Massachusetts.  There is not much more I can add, other than I find it sickening, and that those injured and killed, and their families, are in my thoughts and prayers.  The levels of evil and depravity that a few of our fellow humans are capable of never cease to astound me.  Yet, among the evil and cowardly few, are the good and brave many.  People who rushed in to help those injured and dying, even as a second bomb exploded - who knew then if there would be a third, a fourth, a fifth?  Doctors who had just run a marathon rushing to the hospital to operate on the injured.  People giving exhausted and stranded runners clothing to keep them warm, and opening their homes to them.

As awful as the mass shootings in Newtown, Connecticut were, or the mass shootings at Virginia Tech six years ago yesterday were, in some ways, this was worse.  The mass shootings were done by clearly mentally ill people.  Boston's bombing was done, I would guess, by a rational and sane person (or persons), who meticulously planned the attack.  They are just plain evil.  They took what should have been a fun and inspirational event, one where tens of thousands of people - runners, organizers, and volunteers - had worked their butts off for, and turned it into horror.  They ended three lives and altered the lives of many others for the worst permanently.

Name any disease you can - the most terrible cancer, "Lou Gehrig's" disease, it doesn't matter.  If I had to choose between having that disease and having the desire to inflict pain and suffering the way the person or persons who did this clearly have, I'd pick the disease.  No contest!

Never more than in times like these are random acts of kindness needed.


Happyone said...

So sad and so senseless. Some people are just evil.

Racn4acure said...

Evil, evil, evil. And to use "religious fervor" as the excuse for their actions, like this is something God would want. Glad they were caught.