Saturday, August 6, 2011

Finally, Weekend Training!

Finally, just seven weeks before the three day Komen walk, I was able to do some weekend training. Although plantar fasciitis is far from the worst thing in the world - and probably doesn't even make a list of the top 100 bad things - it has been a real pain, literally and figuratively.

I should be walking 14 miles today. Given that my longest distance to date since getting PF is about 5 miles, that would have been beyond stupid. So I walked about eight miles, nearly six of it with my friend Lelia. We walked in the beautiful Windsor Farms neighborhood. Next time, I will bring a camera. The weather was pretty warm but not sweltering.

It feels so good to be walking again with minimal heel pain. My heel definitely feels some discomfort after the walk. I iced my entire left foot for five minutes, and the heel for five minutes more. I took some "vitamin I" (Ibuprophin). I did some massage with my foot log. If all feels pretty good, I will walk five miles tomorrow morning. And each weekend, I will add a mile or two. If in four weeks, it is looking like I am not going to get close to 20 miles by the time of the walk in Washington, I'll consider switching to the Philadelphia walk. That is my home town, and it is three weeks later, and an extra three weeks for rest and training could be crucial.

But for now, four months since I signed up for this walk, three+ months after getting plantar fasciitis, and more than two months since my sister's death, I am feeling happy and positive about getting some real miles in, and hope to cross double digits in the next week or two.

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