Sunday, August 28, 2011

Disrupted Training

Hurricane Irene raised havoc with a lot of things the weekend, the least of which was probably my training schedule. She washed out my training yesterday. We lost power last night (now back after 26 hours - really lucky) and that kind of messed things up for this morning. But I decided to go out and walk 9 miles this afternoon. I had planned on 26 miles this weekend, so compared to the 12 I did walk, it was a big adjustment. But at least I got some walking in, and the 9 miles this afternoon with a hot sun beating down for much of it didn't seem hard. So although it is late in the game, training is coming along. I have only one more chance at really long miles - the weekend of 9/10 - and had better take advantage of it. But given that even a few miles two or three months ago was painful, I am happy.

Here are some photos of tropical storm damage during my walk today.
Downed trees block my path.
This good side tree was uprooted and fell across the trail. Sycamore seed pods lying on the trail. The entire trail was covered with leaves, little branches, and seed pods.

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Elayne said...

Glad to hear you are building up the miles Art, even with the storm. Of course the Personal Trainer in me looks at those pics and sees an awesome obstacle course :) Good luck with the rest of your training!