Sunday, March 13, 2011

TNT Silent Mile

I've had a horrible cold this past week, but still went to the Silent Mile yesterday for the Spring and Summer teams. I'd hoped to walk or run a few miles with them, but just felt too bad from the cold. Several us who have survived cancer spoke to the teams and thanked them for what they are doing to help raise money for patient support and for blood cancer research. We also learned what types of things the money raised by the Virginia Chapter can accomplish.

I got to see some old friends for a few minutes, and that was a bonus to going. At the end of our talks, the teams trained their first mile in silence in honor of those dealing with cancer, and in memory of those who have lost their lives to these awful diseases.
Ed (black cap) talks to the team about the importance of the mission. He is a 20+ year leukemia survivor, and has dealt with other cancers 4 times since, including a current fight against melanoma that has left him struggling to walk again using a walker. He is always positive and always a total inspiration.
Mindy (second from left) is a TNT two-time alumni who will be walking in Vancouver in a few months. She is also a multiple myeloma survivor who's brother (left) was her bone marrow donor. Her daughters and husband are justifiably quite proud of her, as am I.
Reminding us of our mission:
Robin lost her leg to bone cancer last summer, 30 years after surviving bone cancer in the same leg. She is here with her son and husband, and with Ed and his wife Leslie. Robin is another total inspiration, and will be walking the Mounment Avenue 10K in three more weeks, just 8 months after losing her leg!
Yeah - let's stomp out cancer!!!!! Who's with me on that one?