Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Spring in Our Steps

Today, I joined the spring team for their training session at Byrd Park. Because there was injury prevention training afterwards, the triathlon team joined the marathon team for run and walk training. It was good to see them.

Even with some people missing, we still had a really nice sized group. It was great to see that many people turn out to get another season started. So many in this group today have been affected by blood cancers - either directly themselves or through a loved one. Fellow Hodgkin lymphoma survivor Nancy gave our mission moment, and it was a particularly sad one involving the death yesterday of a young high school girl. This will have its own blog topic tomorrow.

After the mission moment, Coach Tim led us through dynamic stretching, and Coach Chuck led us on a "Train - Endure - Achieve - Matter" cheer. Then we started running and walking. I only did about 2 miles with the group, but it felt great to run on a nice fall day. I need to totally get back into running and speed walking.

Here is a photo of our merry band of positive people:

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TNTcoach Ken said...

Once again, it's great to see a fine group of wonderful people. I'm going to steal that Train, Endure, Achieve, Matter cheer!