Friday, November 8, 2013

Richmond Send Off

My Team in Training event for this year, the Crawlin' Crab Half Marathon, is now more than a month in the past.  But the people I trained with were not all doing that event.  A few of them ran the Nike marathon in San Francisco, but the largest number of my teammates are running and walking the Richmond Half and Full Marathons next weekend.  This is billed as "America's Friendliest Marathon," and from what I hear, it is a great one to do.

Last night was the send off for the Richmond Marathon Team, held at Capital Ale House not two blocks from where I work.  All of us were invited, so I went, of course.  It was great to look around at the excited and happy faces.  For many of them, this is there first half marathon or marathon.  There were a few nervous faces, too.  But they will be just fine once they cross the start on November 16.  They are racing for whatever their personal reasons to run or walk this race are, but they are also racing for a cure, and I am very proud of them!  They are a great group of women and men!

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