Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Mentors' Gift

Every Team in Training participant gets a mentor to help them with fundraising.  This year, I got two: Kristina and Bryan Babbitt.  I have been involved with Team in Training for eight years now, and this couple were the best - bar none - mentors I have encountered!  And I include myself in that mix, as I mentored people at least three or four seasons over the years.

I could write a lot about all the things they did to keep the participants involved and motivated, but I won't.  I will mention that every week, they put out an amazingly well done newsletter for us.  That alone is a ton of work. 

The final touch was the race weekend.  They drove all the way down from Richmond to see us off at the start and be there at the TNT finisher tent, sitting out for hours in the hot sun.  And when we came up to the tent, they gave each of us a handmade gift - a medal holder.  Isn't it cool?  That is my medal from the race under it.
Kristina and Bryan are running the Richmond marathon together in two weeks, and I plan on being there to cheer them on.  And they are coming back for their third season in a row to mentor once again.  Can they top this season?  I don't know, but if anyone can, they can.


Happyone said...

They sound like wonderful people!!

Racn4acure said...

Indeed they are. I feel blessed to have met them.