Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pain Relief!

After five days of moderate to mild lower back pain - at its worst Sunday and especially Monday - I went to see an excellent chiropractor after work, and he did some major adjusting.  I took a short walk tonight, the first time to walk normally and pain free since Saturday.  What a joy that is!  I take it for granted that I can walk with little effort, and when something goes wrong, it is a real eye-opener.

I am not sure what caused the pain.  I had some back pain after a week in California - four different beds in eight nights and hours in airports and in jets.  But it never got too bad and faded after a while.  I wonder if trying to run more messed something up?  The chiropractor said that running, and especially long-distance running, is not good for one's back.  I told him I had a like - dislike relationship with running.  He replied that his relationship with running is more dislike - dislike.

So having decided to try to run some of the half-marathon, will this mean putting my back at some risk?  It sure is complicated.  All I know is that I love walking and can live without running as long as I can walk and hike.  So maybe I need to play it safe and just walk all 13.1 miles of the Crawlin' Crab.  It's not like I am going to win the race, or even my age group.  I think I know the sensible thing to do.  The question is, as a male, will I do the sensible thing or not?


Happyone said...

Glad to hear your back is feeling better.
I've tried running a few times and for me it's a dislike!!
I'm sticking to walking which as you know I love!!

Racn4acure said...

Thanks Karen. If walking is a 10 running is a 4 with me or a 6 at best. Might be the sensible thing to just walk. Might....