Friday, August 2, 2013

Is This Fair?

As we get older, it is harder and harder to keep the weight off.  No matter how much we walk, run, work-out, avoid all of the tempting things that food industry makes available to us, it is a very difficult - and often losing battle.

So that being true, does it seem fair that as we age, we lose the fat pads in our feet?  I say no!  I am fairly lean, and I am sure that I still have enough fat around my middle to give everyone in my zip code fat pads for their feet.  But that one area of fat is disappearing on me, and apparently it is vanishing fast.

The podiatrist that I went to the other day told me that I don't have a plantars wart after all.  Instead, I have a pencil eraser sized but very deep callus, and it is now deep enough to cause some pain as I walk or run.  So he took out his trusty scalpel, and shaved it down, and it is a lot more comfortable.  He told me that I will have to suck it up or get extra thick forefoot pads - because those comfortable fat pads that used to be in my feet are disappearing.

That is so unfair that I am a little depressed about it - pass the French fries, won't you?


Happyone said...

That is unfair and I've never heard of that before!! Didn't know that calluses went that deep!!!

Racn4acure said...

Most calluses seem helpful as we walk and run along - not this one!!!!