Thursday, June 20, 2013

Campaign Update

Wow, I am a little dismayed to find out that I have not updated this blog in nearly three weeks - not since my last fundraising update.  Time just flies by.  It seems like I get up, go to work, work out when I can, and the weekends pass like blurs.

In the last 2.5 weeks, I have been to Saturday training a couple of times, done some training on my own (but not enough), and sandwiched in a great trip to backpack for the weekend on Shackleford Banks, an uninhabited island off the North Carolina coast.  See my other blog, Oh, To Be Hiking, for more information and photos.  Even though I have been back for 10 days, I still have more to post about my adventures there.  It was a blast, trust me.  Not always comfortable, not always easy, but a blast all the same.

As far as training is concerned, our Saturday routes have been five or six miles.  My mid-week training is not as organized as it should be, but I manage plenty of time on my feet.  And even the weekend I missed, while hiking on the barrier island, I got plenty of miles on my feet - an estimated 37 miles in two days.  This last Saturday, our six mile training route was one of my favorites - over the Nickel Bridge to the gorgeous city neighborhoods on the south side of the James.  Here is a photo as we crossed over the river, looking upriver to the majestic railroad bridge with its amazing design.

I'll miss Saturday training this week, but should be able to make the next two or three weekends.

On the fundraising front, I have reached about 31% of my fundraising goal thanks to many generous people.  It is time to get out another campaign update next week.  This time, my theme will be of a less serious vein - rumors about Art and Team in Training.  My last note, about my sister Ann and others who are no longer here because of cancer, was kind of heavy, and I want to write something lighter and more tongue in cheek.

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