Sunday, March 17, 2013

What a Difference a Year Makes!

Today being St. Patrick's Day, I was thinking about the Shamrock Half Marathon at Virginia Beach.  A year ago, I was there, running my third half marathon: in that case, to celebrate ten years surviving cancer.  This year, I was nowhere near the place and frankly, running 1.3 miles would be a challenge.

A year ago, my left knee was in constant pain.  Today, after taking a year off from running, it still hurts but not as much.  So I guess in a way, that is progress.  But I miss running and wish I could figure it out.

I hope the folks running and walking today, and wearing the green, had a great time.  I surely did a year ago.  I was thinking about it this morning.  I know that Team in Training has a strong presence at this race - a hundred or so people running and walking for a cure.

What I am trying to decide is: should I go back to being a TNT walker and give up on the running?  Or should I try to run again and risk more injury?  Clearly something is different about my knee than a couple of years ago, because it hurts some most of the time, even when walking.

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