Saturday, August 11, 2012

Did Racing for a Cure Fall off the Earth?

Short answer - no.  But not having posted in five weeks, it does seem like this blog has gone dark.  I've kept my other blog, Oh, To Be Hiking!, fairly active because I've managed to get in a hike every couple of weeks.  But I have neglected this blog.

I guess that is because, for the first time in a long time, I am not engaging in a Team in Training or Susan G. Komen activities this year.  The knee pain I had from running so much this winter and leading up to my half marathon and 10K in March has continued to some degree.  It is not as constant or as severe as it was earlier this year.  But it is still there, especially while walking down stairs or after a tough hike, and especially in that pesky left knee.

Part of me wonders if I will ever be running again.  I accomplished two goals that I had - to run a half marathon as a 10 year cancer survivor and also as a 60 year old - but that might be it for long runs.  I need to continue doing my exercises and see where that leads, and maybe see a knee specialist if the pain continues.  I am walking a little bit, and hope to do more when the weather cools, but even that is hard to fit in with my new work schedule that has me getting up at 5:40 for work.

As far as the cure, that is still needed.  I am reminded of that every week, or every time I look at a picture of my late sister, gone now just over a year.  She should be getting ready to enjoy a well deserved retirement right now.  Instead she only lives on this earth in the memories of all those who loved her.  This week, I had lunch with an ill friend, a 43 year old man dealing with the awful consequences of his fourth bout with cancer.  He told me that his 78 year old aunt just got diagnosed with leukemia, AML, the same type that my friend had when he as 19.  Cancer is an equal opportunity killer - it ignores gender, race, age, economic status, political views.  We need to find a cure.  And at some point, I hope that my blog will be more active again as I get more involved once again towards this goal.

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