Saturday, January 7, 2012

Leaden Legs

For the second week in a row, I joined Team in Training today for some miles. I ran with my friend and fellow blood cancer survivor (15 years) Nicki. We are both going to run the Shamrock Half Marathon on March 18. The difference is that Nicki is fundraising for TNT and I am just running the race as a 10 year survivor. The other difference is that I was born like just after the Civil War and Nicki wasn't.

Unfortunately, this was my first time running since last Saturday, and I felt it. I did get in several decent walks during the week, and two sessions with water aerobics, but that is not the same thing. We did the hilly Riverside Drive route, running eight miles with a fair amount of walking, especially during the second half. I love that route, but my legs started feeling like they were made of lead. Nicki said she was also feeling it. So we did a fair amount of walking at times, and slowed our running pace. But even so, we did it. A lot of people never left the sofa today. I'll take eight slow and sore miles over sitting on the sofa clicking the TV remote.

Tomorrow, I plan on starting my series of posts about why Team in Training is not a scam.

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