Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Taking a Blogger Holiday

No, I am not stopping my blog, but I am taking a little holiday until about mid-September, both from this blog and my other one: Oh, To Be Hiking. That will also give folks a chance to vote on the poll if they wish.

And after 2.25 years of steady blogging, it will give me a little time to think about what to write about next, now that my Seattle event is in the rear view mirror. For one thing, I need to start thinking about my next event. When will I have the courage to try fundraising again, and what event should I do? As written earlier, I pretty much spent the money I was saving for a bike (and then some) in Washington State, so if I do an event with the spring or summer team, it would almost certainly be a foot race.

It’s possible I will post something before September 15, but I doubt it. I wanted people who come here to know so they don’t see anything new for a while and assume that I gave up on this blog.

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TNTcoach Ken said...

Okay, I'm marking my calendar..........