Thursday, July 22, 2010

Seattle Touring - Thursday Afternoon

June 24 - Afternoon. So after flying in and catching a cab to the hotel (we later learned they had light rail from the Seattle airport to 3 blocks from our hotel for $2.50 one way), we were able to check into the hotel early and get our stuff stashed away. We had a few hours to kill until our team would meet to head to the Expo together, and we hungry for lunch and thirsty for a BEvERage. So Chuck and I started walking around Seattle, heading towards the waterfront, looking for a local (non-chain) place to eat and get a local beer.

We were amazed to find a Starbucks in Seattle, in fact there turned out to be more than one (hundred, I think). Technically, that was local, but we wanted one of a kind.

We could have eaten some barbeque here, as it certainly looked one of a kind. But we wanted a sit down place with one of Seattle's reportedly excellent microbrews.

We settle on the Pike Brewing Company. We posed outside with a couple of their beer posters. My cat is named Nellie, so you can see why I picked this one.

After lunch, we strolled through the Pike Street Market, marveling at the incredible seafood displays - gigantic lobster tails, crabs of all kinds, and huge whole salmon:

Then we went outside into the refreshingly cool air. It was at least 30-35 degrees F. cooler than Richmond. We caught a view of Mount Rainier about 90 miles away. Chuck said, "If that starts smoking, I'm out of here!"

Finally, we saw a neat totem pole on the way back to the hotel at a little park, and it was time to get back and meet the team.

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