Saturday, July 24, 2010

Seattle Touring - Bainbridge Island

Friday June 25 - After the National Chapter group training run in the morning, Chuck and I headed for breakfast down at Pike Street Market. As part of this, we walked though the marketplace again, seeing some of the incredible displays of fruits and vegetables:
shrimp so big you would think they were lobster tails:

and flowers:

Outside in the marketplace, I posed with a new friend:
And then we walked through an alleyway on the way to the ferry terminal. Along the way, we passed this somewhat fascinating, somewhat gross display of chewed gum:
Then, we headed for the ferry to Bainbridge Island. We had considered a scenic cruise on a tourism line that would have cost $40, but opted for the Seattle Ferry to Bainbridge for a round trip of about $6.50 instead. I didn't want to spend a lot of time on my feet but felt like walking around a bit of the island would be fun on this cool and somewhat showery day, the only day I saw rain in my six days in the supposedly soaked Pacific Northwest.

I would not have time so see the fabled Washington coast, so this trip in Puget Sound would be the best I could do. The views reminded me a bit of the coast of Maine.

Once we got off the ferry, we walked on a trail through a mixture of natural areas along the shore, and the outskirts of a town. We came on a pretty neat marina,
and had tea and coffee in a cafe, chatting with a marathoner we met on the ferry. Then it was time to head back and enjoy the pretty views approaching the city, such as another ferry heading to Bainbridge Island,
a Celebrity Cruise Lines ship tied up in Seattle,
the Seattle skyline,
and the Space Needle, where I would go the next afternoon.
After this excursion, Chuck headed back to the Expo, and I headed to the hotel to relax for a couple of hours off my feet before the TNT Inspiration Dinner.

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