Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Racing for Cures Rocks!

One of my big thrills of being in Seattle was getting to meet Julie, creator of the Cures Rock! blog and organization. Like me, Julie is a blogger, blood cancer survivor, marathoner, and Team in Training participant. I came across her California blog about a year and a half ago and have been inspired by her ever since.
Julie has run the Boston Marathon twice for Livestrong, last year while actively being treated for leukemia. She also ran the Seattle Half Marathon last year while on chemo, which is hard for me to even imagine. But she is healthy and strong now, and came up to Seattle to run the half again. She just ran the full marathon in San Diego three weeks before.
We exchanged cell phone numbers and hoped to meet at the TNT tent after the race for a few minutes. I was not hearing phones coming in on my phone due to the general noise, and was going over to talk to Chuck when who should appear but Julie. We recognized each other from our blog photos, and got to meet literally minutes before she had to leave.
We got a few photos snapped of the two of us, one showing our Rock Stars on the backs of our jerseys (you can see a hint of purple in my hair in that photo). Julie, you are an amazing person and an inspiration, and I hope we meet at future events. Stay healthy! It was good to meet you on a day when racing for cures rocked!

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