Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Million Steps, Sore Foot and All

Preparing for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure hasn't worked out at all like I had planned. Instead of taking long walks five times a week, by myself and with the many friends who have said let me know when I want to walk, I've been stretching, picking up marbles with my toes, wearing a boot at night, and doing some (but not enough) cross training. But even so, I've walked enough to cross the 1,000,000 step count on Friday.

I started carrying my trusty Omron pedometer on April 4, 25 weeks before the walk in Washington DC. I wanted to see how many see how many steps I would take between then and the walk. In those first three weeks, I averaged about 12,500 steps a day, and then the plantar fasciitis kicked in big time. Since then, not only have I not walked a lot, I have not increased the miles each week as I should be doing. Even so, for the nearly 14 weeks I have been recording my steps, I've averaged 10,600 steps a day in mostly "incidental" walking. Since taking my long 7 mile walk in Washington DC on May 4, my longest walk has only been about 2 miles.

But those incidental steps add up, and now I've gone past a million. I wonder where my step count would be had I not gotten the injury? But the bigger question is how will I possibly get in enough miles in the 11 weeks remaining before the 60 mile walk if this sore foot doesn't heal?

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