Sunday, October 10, 2010

On Getting Back Out There

Exercise can be an easy habit to quit and a difficult one to restart. I am kind of in the restart mode. I have not exactly been a couch potato since my Seattle half marathon, but no where near as active as I had been during training. A lot of it is time, but that comes down to priorities. Give up an hour sleep or work out? Clean the house (badly needed) or go to the gym? Read a book or go for a run? Watch baseball (Go Phillies) or go for a run? There are 24 hours in every day (Film at 11!) and getting ready for work, driving to work, working, and driving home from work consumes about 12 of them five days a week. Unless I win the lottery, that isn’t changing any time soon. And sleeping needs to take about 7 more every single day.

Since getting back from Alaska, with cooler weather, I am starting to work out more. I’ve done a little running, and ran the Livestrong 5K a week ago. I’ve hit the weights a few times, and done water aerobics. And I’ve taken some walks – about 3.25 miles Friday morning and four miles yesterday. My Friday walk was very early and it was pitch dark. I usually end up taking a trail through some woods to make that a 4 mile walk, but it was so dark I actually could not stick to the trail, so I aborted that part. I’ve also been walking some at lunch.

I need, and want, to do more. With cooler weather, there are less excuses. I think I need to sign up for the Shamrock half marathon. That gives me a definite March goal to prepare for, and try for a PR.

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TNTcoach Ken said...

If I'm correct 12 + 7 equals 19........... Go Giants...... sorry.