Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I ran tonight for the first time since the Livestrong 5K. I met my friend Lelia, and we ran and walked five miles. Neither of us has run much since our races for Team in Training, San Diego for Lelia in early June, Seattle for me the end of June. But before that time, during the spring season, we trained hard together nearly every Saturday for months. So it was great to get together today after work and run and walk together on a very warm October evening. We put the emphasis on walk, using a longer walk interval and a shorter run interval.

As I told Lelia, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about another full marathon. It will be three years this coming January since I was in a marathon, and although it was a PR by 17 minutes, I walked the majority of it. I think it is time that I try another one in the next year, and try running the majority of it. I jokingly asked Lelia to talk me out of it, but she said instead that she would help me train.

So you read it here first – sometime in 2011, I plan on my fourth marathon. Exactly when and where is to be determined, but the first step is having that desire, because completing a marathon takes a lot of desire. For tonight, five miles was enough, never mind 26.2. But if I am going to get that world record in the marathon that I predicted, I need to start doing them again.


TNTcoach Ken said...

I'm copying this post for future references.......

Racn4acure said...

Oh crap, now I am on the hook! ;)

Elayne said...

Awesome Art!! I am not ready yet, just ran last Dec.
Can't wait to hear when and where the next one will be!