Friday, September 24, 2010

A 5K in a Week!

Well, after doing hardly any running or even fast walking since the Seattle race the end of June, I signed up for a 5K today. The race is a week from tomorrow morning in Sandbridge, which is part of Virginia Beach. It is the Livestrong - Dolphin Challenge, and I have a place to stay right at the starting point, so it will be convenient.

Right now, a 5K seems challenging enough. I almost signed up for a 10K, but decided to save the extra $10 and just enjoy doing a 5K - my first ever, so a personal record is guaranteed.

The money goes to supporting two good causes: Livestrong and a dolphin rescue organization. I am excited about doing a race. I want to get in a couple of runs this week, then see what I can do about that PR. In any event, if it is not raining I will snap some photos. And rain or not, I want to enjoy the experience of a new race down at the beach, and hopefully use it as a springboard to start training again. After all, with the hot summer weather hopefully gone soon (it was about 98 today, I think), that removes one excuse.

I watched this race a year ago and really saw it as a festive and fun event. And of course, I will be wearing a purple TNT shirt for the race.

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Elayne said...

Good Luck Art! It feels great to be back out there doesn't it?