Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Checking my Math

The other day, I wrote about calculating new run / walk intervals that might allow me to set a PR in the upcoming Monument Avenue 10K. My intervals are 2.5 minutes running and 0.5 minutes walking. The good news is that I think my math was right. The bad news is that I didn't sustain those intervals for my 4 mile training run.

The first 1.25 miles of my training took 12.66 minutes, which is right on course to finish 10K under 63 minutes. However, I got tired and had to walk extra several times on the 4.15 mile training run, which took 45 minutes, or an average of 10.8 minutes per mile. This would come out to a 67 minute 10K. With the race just days away, that may be about as well as I can do. But as a character in a book that I was reading to my granddaughter the other day was saying "We shall see!"

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