Friday, July 24, 2009

Vote for My Best Post!

I've been updating this blog for about a year now, once I got done back-posting all of my Arizona Marathon information. So I thought it would be fun to do another poll, in part to see how many people actually read my blog, about what my best post is. Here are the ones I think are the best. What do you think? I'm leaving the poll open until August 15.

Relentless - In my view, this poem pretty well summarizes my feelings about why I do Team in Training.

Look! There's One of Leukemia Society People - seeing a young girl in Nashville two days before the race reminded me once again how important this mission is.

I'll Take the Fifth - How Beethoven's Fifth Symphomy helped get me through chemo seven years ago

The Little Red Devil and the Little White Angel - My debate of whether to do a full or half marathon this season was joined by two little beings

The Attack Ad - John McCain and Barack Obama weren't the only two slinging mud last fall!

Something Else - if you vote for this, please comment and tell me which one you liked best that was not one of the above choices.

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